CWWA complete comments on the Wastewater Effluent Systems Regulations under the Fisheries Act

Canada Gazette I - draft Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulation

CWWA FCM Partnership

CWWA is collaborating with FCM to provide technical feedback on the proposed Wastewater System Effluent Regulation under the Fisheries Act. FCM has also been working with CWWA members to review and provide more realistic information to ensure that the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement contained in the Regulation is a true reflection of the costs and benefits to municipalities and the Canadian taxpayer. Further technical recommendations have been submitted to Environment Canada, supported by both FCM and CWWA.

CWWA technical Comments
Municipal data and analyses of costs and benefits of implementing the proposed Wastewater System Effluent Regulation

May 18, 2010 submission

A team of senior officials from CWWA's' members and CWWA staff has worked extremely hard over the last 6 weeks to analyze and assemble comments on the proposed Municipal Wastewater Effluent Regulations and these have been submitted to Environment Canada.

The consensus is that these regulations will have a significant impact on wastewater services, even if they have already invested in advanced levels of treatment, and for those that have not, there will be the added capital costs of upgrading their treatment plants and other infrastructure.  The regulations will also have a significant impact on operations.  The requirements are complex and difficult to determine due to the structure of the regulation and the legal language used.

CWWA Position Statement
Annex A - compilation of technical comments
Annex B - flow chart demonstrating complexity of regulatory requirements




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