Searching the CWWA - Water Efficiency Experiences Database (WEED)

Key Activities

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Retrofit toilets, Showerheads, Dishwashers, Water softeners, Greywater Recycling etc.


Metering, WPR Valves, Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities changes etc.


Water restrictions, Rain barrels, Efficient sprinkler promotions, Downspout connections etc.


Legislation, Municipal By-laws etc.


Demo Gardens, Workshops, Garden Centres etc.

Research,Technology and Science

Research Study, New Technology etc.

Public Awareness and Education

Information Package, Newsletters, Public Lectures, Display Booths, Radio, TV, Posters/Signs, Print Media, School Programs


Water/Wastewater Savings Programs, Rates

Community Activity

Community/Neighbourhood Promotion, Incentives, Events etc.


Geographic Location

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