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Sponsorship 2013 Utility Excellence Awards

Climate Change Workshop - Adaptation Strategies for Canadian Municipalities

Following a successful event last year which set the stage for networking and information sharing among climate change experts, CWWA’s Climate Change Committee will be organizing of a workshop on November 27 to keep the momentum going. Based on current information provided by municipal, provincial and federal representatives pertaining to the level of preparedness and adaptation of water utilities to climate change impacts, the Committee agreed upon three major themes to be considered:

  • Climate change information and its impact to health, safety, and level of service;
  • Advocating for adaptation; and
  • Success stories.

View preliminary list of topics and speakers

Security and Emergency Management Workshop for Water & Wastewater Utilities

Information technology is highly integrated into our daily lives.  While cyberspace brings significant benefits, our increasing reliance on it is creating new and significant vulnerabilities. Following discussions with Public Safety Canada and in line with the Government of Canada’s commitment to keep our nation safe, secure and prosperous, CWWA’s Security & Emergency Management Committee is organizing of a workshop November 27 with a focus on Cyber threats and security.

An important group of cyber security experts will provide presentations on current cyber incidents, reporting tools, cyber security assessment and implementation plans, case studies, viruses affecting industrial control systems, and updates on the National Cyber Security Strategy.

View the Agenda

Drinking Water Quality Workshop

This small focused Workshop will facilitate discussion on key issues for drinking water experts, and a valuable face to face opportunity for our committee.

Download the preliminary agenda.

A minimal fee will apply for Workshop attendees.