About the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

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Who We Are

CWWA is a non-profit national body representing the common interests of Canada’s public sector municipal water and wastewater services and their private sector suppliers and partners. CWWA is recognized by the federal government and national bodies as the national voice of this public service sector.

A Canadian Organization

  • the Association that addresses Canadian water and wastewater issues at the national level
  • founded in 1986 by Canadian municipal water/wastewater leaders and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

CWWA’s Objectives

  • be the national representative and voice on water and wastewater issues
  • promote sensible policies
  • promote legislation that is relevant and practical
  • advocate regulations that are effective yet not burdensome
  • enhance partnerships, networking and information flows
  • focus on national management and policy issues
  • encourage effective and relevant research
  • create better public awareness and correct misconceptions

A Strong Presence in Ottawa

CWWA provides the means for this essential public service sector to communicate with federal and national bodies about:

  • legislation and regulations
  • policies and programs
  • guidelines, codes and standards
  • research activities and findings

Linkage with Others

The Association focusses its activities and communications on significant national issues, trends and events. It works closely with other organizations to further the sector’s interests and to create public awareness and support through:

  • cooperation with Canada’s six regional water and wastewater Associations
  • membership services, annual seminars and special workshops
  • partnerships with federal, provincial and municipal government agencies, other national organizations in Canada, with counterpart Associations in other countries, and with international organizations
  • representation of the Canadian municipal water and wastewater services sector internationally joint/cooperative
  • activities with the American Water Works Association, the Water Environment Federation, and their Canadian affiliates.

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