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CWWA is a national body representing the common interests of Canadian water and wastewater systems... and is recognized by federal and provincial governments in Canada as the voice of the industry.

It is the industry's and therefore the members' opportunity to address and influence federal and national water and wastewater issues:

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Type of Associate members

Associate - Private Sector Members

The private sector (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, commercial services, service providers) is an important player in the water and wastewater industry. Membership in CWWA is the cost-effective way for the private sector to keep abreast of developments in the industry, stay in touch with key people in the industry and expand clientele. CWWA also helps the private sector play its part in addressing the above issues and in developing the industry through its participation in a strong national organization. CWWA's increasing international affiliations may be of particular interest to the private sector, and help develop business opportunities abroad.

Associate - Private Sector-Branch Office

Private Sector - Branch Office Membership is a way for a branch office of an existing CWWA Private Sector “parent” Member to actively participate in membership at a nominal cost. This specialized membership category remains valid and entitles the Member to receive publications and other news directly from CWWA, as long as the “parent” Member remains active.

Associate - Academic and Other

Academic and other organizations have an important role to play in the water and wastewater industry. Membership in CWWA is the cost-effective way of keeping abreast of developments and the literature in the industry, and getting in touch with key people in it. Public sector organizations can communicate with the industry through CWWA. In return, CWWA needs public sector organizations for program support, mutually-beneficial partnerships, and their outreach and expertise for education and better public understanding and support.

CWWA stresses communications on significant national trends and events, and works closely with other organizations to further the industry and create public awareness and support through:

Associate - Alumnus

Retired individuals, who have worked in the water/wastewater sector, have a continuing interest of participating in CWWA activities and being kept informed on the latest news are invited to join CWWA as an Alumnus Member. Members enjoy all benefits at a nominal flat rate annual fee.

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Member Services

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Annual Fee

For annual fee information, please contact Anita Wilson at < > or to the general office mailbox < >.  Thank you.

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