Drinking Water Quality and Public Health


The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association sponsors and supports the web-based Drinking Water Quality Network which allows any Canadian having an interest, role or responsibility in drinking water quality and related public health issues to exchange information on regulatory, policy and performance issues.

CWWA Drinking Water Quality Committee

The main purpose of the CWWA Water Quality Committee is to monitor and review amendments proposed to the National Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality and to provide advice to members on drinking water quality matters.

2011 Priorities

Region of Peel - Barry's Water Treatment Tour

Region of Peel produced this video to show the water treatment process from Lake Ontario to customers taps, it's an excellent public education initative.


Archived News

The NSERC Chair in Water Treatment Newsletter

Ontario Drinking Water Risk Perception Study: A Summary Report of Public Focus Group Responses from 10 Communities

Endocrine Disruptors, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water: An Overview of AwwaRF Research to Date

Chloramine complications

Antibacterial agent used in soaps found in Baltimore area streams

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