Partnering Agreement

Water Environment Federation and the CWWA

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), seek through this agreement to establish a strong partnership between our organizations. Our common purposes are to improve the quality of life through the protection and enhancement of the water environment. It is our common objective that all people may have access to clean safe water, and that suitable habitat for diverse aquatic species be preserved. Our common methods are to advance education, science and technology, to disseminate technical information, to increase public understanding, and to promote sound public policy. WEF through its Canadian Leaders Forum and its Canadian Member Associations will cooperate with CWWA in regard to liaison functions with Canadian federal government agencies and bodies.

We intend to do so by:

Further, it is understood that this partnering agreement is conceived as a living document, meant to change as circumstances and priorities warrant, that it is a beginning point, and that the accompanying protocol of specific projects, activities and goals is intended as an integral part of this understanding.

Further still, it is agreed that each signatory will appoint a volunteer member to a joint task force which will monitor and review the implementation of the agreement from time to time, hold formal partnering sessions, and recommend amendments to the governing bodies of the respective associations as necessary and desirable.

It is also agreed that this partnering agreement will be instituted for an indefinite period, and will be reviewed by both associations annually.

Executed this 14th day of October 2000.

D.W. Scott, P.Eng.
President / Président
Canadian Water and Wastewater Association
Association canadienne des eaux potables et usées

Albert W. Goodman, P.E.
President / Président
Water Environment Federation

CWWA /WEF Protocol

This protocol identifies specific projects, activities, and joint interests which the respective signatories have identified as initial steps and activities consistent with the goals and objectives established in the partnering agreement. We agree to pursue them consistent with the priorities of the signatories. For joint projects that involve financial resources the signatories agree to mutual sharing and disclosure of relevant budget and finances.


To achieve these goals, WEF and CWWA agree to: