CWWA's position statements are developed in consultation with the CWWA Board of Directors and members of CWWA technical committees. They are developed in response to a specific issue, or legislative direction.

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Pollution Prevention Planning for Ammonia Dissolved in Water, Inorganic Chloramines and Chlorinated Wastewater Effluents

CWWA writes to Deputy Minister of the Environment - November 4, 2004
Municipal Wastewater Effluents Initiatives and CWWA's Strategy - September 2004
Understanding the proposed Pollution Prevention Planning Requirements for Wastewater Effluents
Minister of the Environment Writes to CWWA Regarding Municipal Wastewater Effluents and CWWA Responds to Minister of the Environment regarding P2 Planning - March 2004
Letter to David Anderson - Managing Municipal Wastewater Effluents - November 28, 2003
Additional comments regarding the Proposed Notice Requiring the Preparation and Implementation of Pollution Prevention Plans - September 5, 2003
Letter to Minister of the Environment Requesting Suspension of 18 month requirement for publication of Final Notice - August 5, 2003
CWWA Comments on Pollution Prevention Planning Requirement Proposal - August 1, 2003
Letter to Provincial and Territorial Ministers regarding Pollution Prevention Planning Requirements for Municipal Wastewater - May 27, 2003


Provincial/Territorial Regulatory Instruments and the Fisheries Act of Canada - letter to Joyce Murray, president Canadian Council of Minister os the Environment - May 2003
CWWA position on Proposed Environmental Emergency Regulations - August 2002
CWWA Brief to Walkerton Inquiry- July 2001